The industry average is less than 14% annual reinsurance expense

What Percentage are You Paying?

Most small to mid-size companies pay too much by over-ceding premiums and/or underutilizing their reinsurance contracts.

3 Steps to Success:


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    Sign a contract of engagement with Boomerang Recoveries, LLC to begin the review process.



    Upload Your Data:

    Upload your data onto Boomerang’s secure FTP Site with easy drag and drop feature.


    Boomerang Handles the Rest:

    Boomerang will review your data and create a detailed report with our findings. Boomerang will then handle the recovery process by submitting the recoveries for reimbursement.


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what we do:

  • Strategic Reinsurance Risk Management

    Boomerang provides expertise in the identification, submission, and collection of overpaid reinsurance contract premiums and missed reinsurance recoveries for primary insurers. Through its Strategic Reinsurance Risk Management Services, Boomerang’s goals for its clients are to identify and collect additional recovery dollars, facilitate a more efficient utilization of reinsurance coverage, and add to the policyholder surplus.

  • In Depth Review

    Boomerang has the expertise drill deep into reinsurance contracts and historical loss data to identify missed reinsurance recoveries, oversold program structures, and the over-ceding of reinsurance contract premiums. Our review process is in depth and not only identifies the surface level recoveries but also the harder to find contractual misinterpretations. We can identify more additional recoveries for our clients due to the thorough nature of our review process.

  • Maximize Clients' Policyholder Surplus

    Boomerang's review services are not a critique of your current or past procedures. The primary goal of this review is to put money back into your surplus!

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