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Strategic Reinsurance Risk Management Services

Boomerang's primary focus is on small to midsize insurance companies by providing an independent third party review of their past and current reinsurance program. Small to midsize insurance companies are underserved in many areas; especially in the area of reinsurance, which is typically a small to midsize company's largest annual purchase. Boomerang's review includes the reinsurance placement to not only make sure that the contract is properly interpreted and applied by an intermediary, but also that your expenditures and limits are in line with the market. 

Benefits of an Administrative Review from Boomerang

  • Identified recovery based fee structure - Our fees are based on the amount of additional recoveries we identify on behalf of our client, the ceding company
  • Minimally intrusive - we work independently with little interference with you and your staff as well as remotely so you don't have to accommodate us during the review process
  • Improved Financial Position - Any additional recoveries identified by Boomerang go straight into surplus once collected
  • Proactive Risk Management - Shows your fiduciary due diligence and responsibility by executives and boards to regulators, rating agencies, and insurance departments. We assist in assuring that your fiduciary duties in the area of reinsurance are properly met and will take the lead in this quest.
  • Better allocation of future reinsurance purchase dollars