What is this site all about?

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What is this site all about?

It's all about you.

Well - almost...  We've setup this site to show you what Convergence can do!  Feel free to nose around and edit the text - add a blog article, change the modules, upload a photo into the slideshow.

Ok I did that, now what?

To get into the nitty gritty of building your own site, check out the email we just sent you about your FTP account.  Login to that FTP account and upload a new home page (make sure to call it index.html).

Wait, what should I put in the file?

Glad you asked, we wrote an article about layout files here.

So it's just HTML?

Basically yup!  You can add Convergence modules and other cool stuff by adding some tokens.  To read more about the different tokens you can use in your layout files, visit the Token Guide.

Thanks for using Convergence,

Your new friends! 

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